Apple presents its Christmas movie shot on the iPhone 13 Pro

Saving Simon film Noël Apple 2021

The Californian firm has just released a new short film. It is for the coup of the Christmas film that the company publishes annually a few weeks before the end of the year holidays. It is signed Jason and Ivan Reitman, two Oscar-nominated directors, known for having directed several Ghostbusters license films.

The Apple movie is called Saving Simon and tells the story of a little girl befriending a snowman.

We can greatly appreciate the video capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro which was used to capture the images of the work, especially for the night scenes.

Also see the making-of of the film, recently available on Apple’s YouTube channel:

We found the film to be very successful, especially with its end message. Apple very often manages to strike a chord with us. And you, did you like it?

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