Apple publishes message in honor of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at his home in Palo Alto, California. He had just presented the Apple Park project, a head office in the shape of a giant ring where 12,000 employees now operate. His death caused a wave of emotions internationally, many considering him as the source of the best successes of the apple brand.

On one of its official website, it has just published a film as well as a new message tribute to the creator. We can read that we owe it to Jobs’ family, without knowing exactly who it is. Despite everything, he is known as a sister, a writer (Mona Simpson), his daughter Lisa (journalist) and of course his wife, Lauren Powell Jobs, who will notably inherit the Venus, his nearly 80 m long yacht signed Philipe Starck.

Message from the family of Steve Jobs

To be found at this address, here is the content of the message in French:

For ten years now, we have been learning to cope with the loss of Steve
and to rebuild us. Today, our gratitude is commensurate with the immense void he left.

Each and every one of us takes different paths to soften
his pain, but our love for him and for what he taught us continues
to bring us together.

Among all the qualities of Steve, we retain above all his talent as a teacher. He taught us to appreciate the beauty of the world,
to welcome new ideas with curiosity, to always look further and
above all to keep a novice state of mind imbued with humility.

His way of seeing things still inspires us every day, but he has
also shown how to watch for ourselves. He gave us leads to
follow, and we keep exploring them.

One of our greatest sources of comfort is finding Steve in
the beauty that surrounds us. A wooded hill, a perfectly
designed, every pretty thing brings us back to it. Even during his
years of suffering, Steve never lost faith in the beauty of existence.

Words are not enough to express what is in our heart. He us
deeply missing. It is a great privilege to have had him for husband and father.

– Official

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