Apple pundits talk about what’s changing with Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

What’s new ?

Even though the Series 7 doesn’t have new sensors or a new processor, it does have a new, larger screen. Apple executives are confident that the new Apple Watch will provide greater flexibility and convenience for the user. Alan Dye, vice president of design, further said at CNET that the Apple Watch is a device designed for normal use and not intense use, just like the older models.

Why this change?

For the Apple brand, a larger screen is a response to a popular need among its customers: it is about being able to read faster thanks to larger font sizes. The panel can display 50% more text, not to mention the arrival of a full keyboard with AI to write sentences by simply sliding your finger on the screen (technology QuickPath, equivalent to Swype) or by voice dictation.

Stan Ng, vice president of marketing at Cupertino, explained that the power of the Series 7 cannot be measured in continued social media use like on an iPhone or long-term use like on a Mac. On the other hand, the performance of the watch is found in its ability to disseminate a lot of information throughout the day according to each user and his needs.

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Ng thus considers that the customer will be able to consume the information more easily and more quickly. Especially with the new Retina display which is 70% brighter in mode always-on.


Finally, it is watchOS 8 that is mentioned with new optimizations to facilitate the use of a screen 20% larger compared to the Series 6 and 50% larger than the Series 3.

In terms of graphics, the calculator buttons are for example 12% larger and those of the stopwatch are 27% larger, the Control Center becoming 13% more spacious compared to its previous version.


So we can say that the Series 7 is not a revolutionary gadget, but at least it allows to have a larger screen and a magnetic charger for the same price as the version. previous (our comparison). Vou will also enjoy a 33% faster energy supply.

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