Apple pushes back the arrival of identity papers in iOS 15

Wallet ID

The last major version of iOS marks a revival of the Wallet application, now renamed Cards. Several welcome changes are in effect for the occasion, such as the arrival of car keys in the service, but also cards to enter your hotel room or passes to access the office of certain companies.

Another key advantage: the ability to scan your identity card, which should be available at the end of the year in several American states to begin with (namely Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah). Except that the functionality in question seems finally postponed to early 2022, according to an official statement written by Apple on the presentation page of iOS 15. Note however that the update has not taken place everywhere, another link always indicating the initial schedule.

A political concern?

Apple did not specify its motivations, assumptions are rife as to the explanation of this turnaround. One of the theories which could possibly echo this delay being on the side of a more than mixed reaction of the public vis-a-vis the deployment of the papers in Cartes. Indeed, it would in fact be paid by the taxpayer, even though Cupertino would take all the benefits without leaving the choice to the authorities. Ouch.

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Based on information from CNBC, the iPhone’s NFC identity card could be used to verify the age of certain customers in bars, in a way similar to that which certain French restaurants use to restrict access to their terrace without a QR code in this way. moment. Apple, for its part, has already specified that airports will use its system for security checks. The addresses in question, meanwhile, are not known but Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL), in peanut state, seems an ideal candidate with its place of world number one in terms of number of passengers and overall traffic. .

However, nothing has been mentioned for the moment concerning other regions of the world, but we know that Europe or the Persian Gulf are already markets of choice for Cards.

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