Apple quits alliance of tech giants over privacy

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The State Privacy and Security Coalition (SPSC) is a trade coalition of several large companies, some of which operate in the new technology market. Apple belonged to this club led by the law firm DLA Paper. Until the Californian firm announced that it no longer wanted to be part of it.

The reason is simple. On the subject of user privacy, the SPSC does not have the same vision as Apple. In short, in recent times, the association has tended to push too hard the interests of member companies, without caring enough about the fate of private data.

And on the side of Tim Cook, the pill does not pass. The CEO, a great defender of “privacy”, or the right to privacy, has made the subject one of Apple’s main battle horses in recent years. And to be consistent with these principles, he obviously could not maintain the presence of his firm within the SPSC. The straw that broke the camel’s back would be a coalition-backed federal law passed in the state of Utah that would give companies plenty of leeway to react to complaints about the use of private data. users.

Apple’s withdrawal from SPCS was first revealed by the Politico site, then confirmed by the Californian firm itself. All this, a few days from the Global Privacy Summit 2022, an annual trade show dedicated to the protection of online data and privacy. Tim Cook will be there, a speech from him is also eagerly awaited in this context. See you on April 12.

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