Apple MAC Apple (re) bans unauthorized iOS apps

Apple (re) bans unauthorized iOS apps


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Apple first blocked the installation of unauthorized iOS apps on Mac under Big Sur a month ago. But four days after this ban was put in place, it was lifted. If we thought that the subject was closed since, here is that Apple is again the weathervane in this case.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the latest version of Big Sur (11.2) that was released last week again activates server-side blocking. Further tests have shown that this ban is also effective on the current beta version of macOS 11.3.

Apple’s M1 chip shares an architecture quite similar to that of the Ax series chips (used in iPhones), which makes it relatively simple to run existing iOS apps on the desktop platform. IOS developers who do not wish to distribute their products on macOS, whether for technical or marketing reasons, may however refuse to present their iOS software on the Mac App Store. But users could still install these unauthorized iPhone / iPad apps on macOS, until Apple revoked this possibility.

Solutions ?

Until now, you had to use .ipa files to install iOS applications on Mac, like Instagram for example. But these are no longer readable. Under the latest version of macOS Big Sur, a message is displayed instead of the said application: “This application cannot be installed because the developer did not intend to run it on this platform. . ”

The reasons which motivated this choice on the side of Cupertino are obvious, it is a question of respecting the choice of the developer who does not necessarily want his iOS app to be able to be used on macOS. It therefore seems fairly certain that the Apple will no longer backtrack on this subject in the future. Users will therefore have to get used to no longer using these unauthorized applications on Mac, or wait for developers to authorize their iOS application on Mac, or even to offer a dedicated macOS application for their service.

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