Apple ready to spend $90 billion to gain autonomy

Apple Park

With possibly soon to be as much as $1 trillion in annual revenue, Apple is arguably one of the most prolific and up-and-coming companies on the planet. Whether it’s iPhones, Macs or services, its three most profitable sectors have thus conquered the five continents to the point of attracting the eye of regulators for the sake of competition.

A success that benefits not only the managers of the firm but also funds and thousands of individuals who own AAPL securities on the NASDAQ. Shares that Apple is however preparing to buy up to 80 or even 90 billion dollars, according to recent predictions by Citigroup through its analyst Jim Suva.

More independence to reign better

Such an operation has many benefits for Apple, starting with the arrival of approximately 520 million votes on the counter when it comes to voting on the company’s major decisions. On the board of directors, the brand must currently compose for the biggest with Vanguard, Berkshire Hathaway, BlackRock or even Norwegian sovereignty.

For the shareholders, seeing Cupertino offer them such an offer is also a sign of a major cash transfer that many might welcome. Indeed, in the space of a few years, many of them have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled the value of their shares while continuing to trust the quarterly results of the American firm.

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Alphabet soon number one?

If the initiative therefore has enough to attract even more of the public, it nevertheless includes some risks. Because if Apple has 202.6 billion dollars in cash and rapidly tradable assets, this figure is only a stone’s throw from Google’s 169.2 billion. Microsoft closes the world podium, with 132.4 billion on the clock (estimate Bloomberg).`

In theory, Tim Cook’s multinational could therefore lose its status as the richest group in the world in favor of competition. What’s more, such expenditure detracts from other major objectives such as productivity, the injection of external capital or human resources. But in the end, it will be as always at the DRY decide to avoid any possible monopoly.

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