Technology Apple Apple reaffirms its commitment to data protection

Apple reaffirms its commitment to data protection


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On January 28, European Data Protection Day, Apple took the opportunity to raise awareness once again on the importance of protecting personal information online.

The apple brand released a report, dubbed: “A day in the life of your data”, which gives a simple overview of how our personal data is used and which companies are using it, whether on the web, or directly in their app.

The report published by Apple obviously returns to the advantages offered by the brand in terms of confidentiality, and the recent efforts that Apple has endeavored to make in this area, despite the reluctance of some, Facebook in the lead. The social network, like others has indeed based all of its business model around the use of personal data.

In this sense, Apple recalls its commitment “Privacy means peace of mind, it means security, and it means you are in control of your own data”, in the words of Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple who continues: “Our goal is to create technology that ensures the security and protection of people’s information. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and our teams work every day to integrate it into everything we do. “

Apple wants to be the defender of our data

By creating this report Apple hopes to raise awareness around this subject by playing the defenders of the rights of the people, facing the big bad advertising people who make billions of dollars, by using practices, which although often legal, violate good many of our moral rules.

Apple explains that on average, the apps include six “trackers” from other companies, whose sole purpose is to collect and track people and their personal information. They are then collected by these trackers, then gathered, shared, aggregated and monetized, fueling an industry valued at 227 billion dollars per year.

To put an end to this monetization of our data, Apple has implemented a whole list of measures, in particular with the arrival of iOS 14 on its iPhones. The Cupertino company has indeed committed that all trackers likely to collect your personal data must now ask your permission, an announcement that has been talked about a lot in recent weeks and that has angered Mark Zuckerberg and of Facebook, which sees its economic model collapsing.

If all these measures have not yet entered into force, Apple seems to determine, and the firm does not intend to be impressed by a social network like Facebook. She has already threatened Zuckerberg’s application several times with an exclusion from the App Store, and like Fortnite, if the latter goes too far, the Apple will surely not hesitate to crack down.


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- Advertisement -Apple reaffirms its commitment to data protectionApple reaffirms its commitment to data protection

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- Advertisement -Apple reaffirms its commitment to data protectionApple reaffirms its commitment to data protection

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