Apple recruits former Tesla engineer


The ex-Tesla family is growing at Apple

Not so long ago, Project Titan was already making a name for itself. We still remember the “shattering” departure of Doug Field, automotive manager at Apple who joined Ford. Many felt that the project faced too many challenges to survive. However, it is not since the Apple seems to be getting back on its feet quite quickly by hiring Christopher Moore to work on the Apple Car’s autonomous driving program. The new recruit would work under Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla director.

Christopher Moore will therefore join the rank of former Tesla engineers and directors who are now working for Apple at the moment. Tim Cook already has Michael Schwekutsch and Steve MacManus, in addition to Bowers, all working on his Titan project.

A project always kept confidential

Apple has never made public announcements about its plans to build a car. Project Titan is a closely guarded secret. The only time Tim Cook could have hinted at the Apple Car was during an interview with the New York Times podcast last April. The number one of the Apple brand said he was studying many possibilities internally. “Some will never see the light of day… but not all“. He then stressed that Apple appreciates having the primary technology. In other words, this means that Apple would like to master the various components and manufacture the product itself.

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The mystery surrounding Apple’s future electric car feeds a lot of rumors. Some speak of a physical car while others argue that it is rather software that the brand would offer to other manufacturers. According to an article by DigiTimes, the Apple car would be in mass production by 2024. The source said that the American giant would have contacted suppliers like LG Electronics to discuss the project. The same rumor said that Apple would be in negotiations with Toyota for the same project.

For the moment, Apple does not officially address the subject. However, Tim Cook’s statement that he would like to launch a new product category by the time he leaves is fueling debate. According to Bloomberg, this departure could take place in 2025. To follow closely, therefore.

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