Apple reportedly considered launching a cloud gaming service

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In terms of video games, Apple is already very present without our being always fully aware of it. Thus, according to information from JP Morgan expert Samik Chatterjee, the company weighs between 23 and 38% of sales in the gaming market.

The Cupertino company apparently had even higher ambitions in the video game industry if we are to believe the article by Mark Gurman, an analyst who is often very well informed on the tech giant. In his confirmation letter Power On published this Sunday, he says that the company has considered launching its own cloud gaming service in parallel with Apple Arcade.

A “Netflix of video games” instead of Apple Arcade?

The insider was questioned by a user who wanted to know if Apple was planning to emulate the strategies of Microsoft, Sony, Google in this area. He indicates on this subject:

Microsoft Corp., Nvidia., Google, and others have launched gaming services that run from the cloud. This makes it possible to support more games and create an experience similar to that of “Netflix for video games”. Oddly, Apple does not allow these rivals to join Apple Arcade on the App Store. The company claims it’s not because they are competitors, but simply because it doesn’t allow unlimited cloud gaming services on its devices.

However, he specifies precisely that Apple has considered in the past to launch a device of this type. In detail, he explains that Apple Arcade could have been just like this “Netflix of video games”. Other rumors have raised the possibility of seeing the Apple brand release a console inspired by the Nintendo Switch but they are unfounded according to the experts consulted by 9to5Mac.

For your part, would you have appreciated seeing the creation of a cloud gaming service if Apple had decided to take the plunge?

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