Apple reportedly heading for $ 3 trillion in market capitalization

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Clearly, the forecasts are encouraging for Apple. Ten days ago we mentioned the analysis of Gene Munster, an expert at Loup Ventures, who estimated that the apple brand could reach $ 3 trillion in market capitalization in 2022.

In a note addressed to investors, Daniel Ives of the financial services company Wedbush makes the same observation and thinks that this amount could be reached by June 2022. The specialist first notes that sales of the latest models of iPhone 12 exceeds its own predictions.

Services and the iPhone at the heart of Apple’s growth

According to him, the figures are even exceptional: “ We haven’t seen an upward launch trajectory like this in a number of years for Apple and the only similar iPhone trajectory would be the iPhone 6 in 2014 based on our analysis. “. Apple could ship more than 240 million units in 2021 and the 250 million are not out of reach. The Chinese market seems very buoyant in this respect. Consumers should upgrade their devices to benefit from 5G technology.

The expert therefore considers that if “ service growth remains key to the story of Apple’s rise in capitalization over the past six months, the heart and lungs of Apple’s growth story are built around the iPhone “. In these uncertain times, investors seem more than ever to turn to solid stocks and the apple brand has everything to seduce them.

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