Apple reportedly hires former Ford Motors executive


Although Apple is very discreet on the subject, it is no longer a secret that Ford is currently working on an electric and autonomous car project. And although this project has known, according to rumors, certain difficulties, the Cupertino company is not about to give up.

Proof of this is, according to an article published by Bloomberg, the Apple brand has recently recruited a former Ford Motors executive: Desi Ujkashevic. She has worked at the automaker since 1991 and her last position was as global director of automotive safety engineering.

Prior to this position, Ujkashevic reportedly oversaw interior, exterior chassis and electronics engineering at Ford. She would also have worked on models like the Escape, the Explorer, the Fiesta or the Focus. On the other hand, this new recruit would also have experience in electric vehicles and with regard to regulations (which will be very useful for Apple).

If the Cupertino company does not confirm the information, Ford, for its part, would have indicated that Desi Ujkashevic has left the car manufacturer.

A secret project that is not so secret

As mentioned above, the fact that Apple has recently recruited an important Ford executive signals that the electric and autonomous car project, whose code name would be “Titan”, is still in the pipeline. It must be said that lately, the news has not been particularly good, since many engineers have left the automotive branch of Apple. In addition, for years, the Cupertino company does not seem to be fixed on the strategy to adopt.

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According to Bloomberg, the company is now aiming to market its first vehicles in 2025. Apple will then be in competition with Tesla, but also with Waymo (Alphabet) which has been developing systems for autonomous cars for years.

In order to stand out from these competitors, Apple would rely on higher security. Indeed the firm would plan to equip its future vehicles with redundancy mechanisms in order to limit the possibilities of faults in the system.

In any case, this project is important for the firm. Augmented reality products (also under development) and the automobile would indeed be Apple’s “next big thing”.

But remember that Apple is not the only smartphone manufacturer to take an interest in the automobile. Indeed, Xiaomi also has the same ambitions. And the objective of the Chinese manufacturer is to be able to release 300,000 cars electricity per year by 2024.

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