Apple sales boosted by iPhone 13

iPhone 13

A new sales record in sight

After passing Xiaomi to occupy the 2e position in the IDC ranking, the Apple continues to grow in the European market. According to observers, Apple sales could panic the figures this last quarter of the year. For Counterpoint, there is no doubt. The launch of the iPhone 13 was a huge success for the Apple brand. Its arrival on the market at the end of September gave Apple a boost to sales. So, if the iPhone 13 manages to meet the demands, the brand would have every chance of achieving a new sales record in Europe this 4.e trimester.

Perfect timing

The release schedule plays a key role in the good numbers achieved by Apple in the 3e last quarter. Previously, the company used to offer its new products in September. This has been the case every year from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 8. Then, the releases no longer necessarily respect this schedule. The iPhone 12, for example, didn’t launch until October last year. Moreover, the Pro, Max and mini models were not available until November 2020. As a result, sales of iPhone 12 did not have the slightest impact on sales made by Apple in the 3e quarter 2020. This is why it is a little difficult to compare the performance of these two models in terms of sales. With the iPhone 13 being released in the last week of September, its first sales contributed to the numbers of 3e trimester.

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Anyway, the arrival of the iPhone 13 on the market would not go unnoticed according to observers, since it would propel the American giant to the top of the ranking. With the end of the year celebrations approaching, all indicators are in favor of the Californian company. Will Apple be right to reduce the production of its iPads in favor of the iPhone 13 to avoid shortages of the latter?

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