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Apple security chief Thomas Moyer has seen his name cited in a case that also concerns Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff Rick Sung. The latter would have refused to give permits to carry weapons to the team of Moyer. The man who has worked for Apple for fifteen years would then have wanted to exchange these permits for $ 70,000 iPad. A proper bribe.

In a statement, the media outlet The Verge, which initiated the investigation, said it had spent more than two years following the case before publishing it. If the investigators did find any trace of Moyer’s proposal, it would appear that it was accepted, but that the delivery never took place. Nor the validation of permits to carry weapons at the same time.

Apple therefore had to position itself in this affair, and the Apple brand has decided to stand up with its security chief. In a statement relayed by the Ars Technica media, Apple announced that it had “found nothing reprehensible” in this case against its employee. The security chief’s lawyers also plead in favor of their client’s innocence. He is said to be the victim of a political rivalry between the district attorney and the sheriff.

The various defendants in this case will have to appear on January 11. As for Moyer, he risks imprisonment.

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