Apple sentenced for collecting personal data

iPhone pub Apple vie privée

Ten million euros: this is the sum that Apple will have to pay to Italy, which accuses the firm of having taken advantage of the private information of its customers without informing them of the commercial objective of this analysis. The company is not the only target: Google, too, would have behaved in the same way. This is hardly surprising, given that its revenue model is mainly based on the sale of advertisements.

The local competition authority (AGCM, for Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato) ensures that Apple has simply violated national laws aimed at protecting consumers. On the one hand, there are certain mandatory information with regard to them that has not been communicated, while on the other hand certain acquisition strategies are considered “aggressive”By the organization.

Hand in the bag

However, we know that Apple is regularly shown as an example by certain communication media, precisely because iOS 15 offers many features in favor of the protection of privacy. For example, it is possible to prevent certain developers from following you, but even this option sometimes proves to be faulty.

As the AGCM court decision reminds us, Cupertino is accused of having capitalized on the statistics recorded by its devices, most often without the knowledge of Internet users who do not read all the conditions of use, and then target with ads for their own products. The company’s services highlighted on the App Store and on the proprietary Books platform are particularly concerned.

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