Apple shares hit a new record

Apple action en bourse

In recent days, on the stock market, the movement of the AAPL share has pleased investors. Indeed, yesterday it reached a new historic record for the Californian firm, precisely $ 138.74 per unit. The last record was at the end of August. But since the summer, the share has experienced a nice decline before gradually rising at the end of November until the very end of the year.

Since last night, it has fallen back to around $ 136. If the progression over the past 6 months has been very slight, over a year, that’s another story. Indeed, in December 2019, an APPL action cost 88% cheaper than today.

This development was underpinned by the regular releases of new Apple products throughout the year, new iPad Pro in March, new iPhone SE in April, new MacBook Pro in May, new iMac in August, new watches in September. , new iPhones in October, and HomePod mini and Mac with M1 chip in November, not to mention the AirPods Max headset released in December. Note also the appearance of the new Apple One and Apple Fitness + subscriptions. But the latest increase in AAPL stock in recent days was mainly caused by rumors of the arrival of an Apple Car in the medium term, according to financial specialists.

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Will the share price continue on this same trend in 2021? Hard to say. But with a much-anticipated new Apple Silicon chip for high-end Macs, and new iPhone 13s, that just might be the case.

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