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During the day yesterday, the AAPL share rose at $ 161.01. It doesn’t mean much to those who don’t follow the stock market. But this is a number full of meaning. On the one hand, he signed a new record for the value of the Californian firm’s share. In addition, thanks to this new rise, Apple takes over from Microsoft the title of company with the largest market capitalization in the world ($ 2,634 billion).

But that’s not all. Seeing AAPL exceed $ 160 also means, that despite the shortages affecting the iPhone 13, but also the criticism that the California firm had to endure for what is considered a minor update to its smartphones this year, the investors do not let go and continue to bet on the company for tomorrow.

Did the latest Apple Car news underpin this rise? Or the announcements of the Californian company concerning its desire to make iPhones and Macs more easily repairable from 2023? Hard to say. Still, since September 2019, the share has seen its value triple, to end this week between $ 160 and $ 161.

AAPL on the stock market at the end of 2021

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Many analysts believed tech companies were overvalued on the stock market during the coronavirus pandemic for the past two years, driven by the unprecedented growth of teleworking and the material needs that stem from it. The fact remains that if vaccination has improved the situation in many countries around the world recently, we are still far from being able to consider COVID-19 as ancient history.

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Ultimately, teleworking could become a new norm, therefore, in the future. And this stock market “bubble” for the giants of new technologies could be much more resistant than we thought a few months ago.

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