Apple iPhone Apple slips advertising into its App Store

Apple slips advertising into its App Store


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Recent testers of Apple’s new beta, iOS 14.5, have made several discoveries while using this new version of the operating system. While some were expected or predictable, the arrival of advertising in the App Store surprised users of Apple products.

It is indeed quite rare to see Apple integrate advertisements into its applications. But this is not the first time that Apple has set up an advertising system within its App Store. It is already possible for developers to buy keywords within Apple’s download platform to bring their application up in the list of results visible to the user, in the same way that Google does for its searches. Internet.

A new advertisement on the App Store

But in addition to this method, which is simpler and more familiar, Apple will set up advertising that is more visible to users. An application will be highlighted when a user enters the App Store and is about to do a search. The app, on its own, will have much better exposure to users of Apple’s platform.

Today, the presence of advertising within the App Store is a non-negligible part of the latter’s revenue, and with this kind of action, Apple is showing the way it wishes to take on this subject, by multiplying advertising inserts.

Apple bans targeted advertising and adds more to its App Store?

If no information has been given by the Cupertino company on how these advertisements will be chosen and if they are the same for all users, this arrival of advertisements within the App Store occurs in a tense context for the company of Tim Cook. Apple intends to put an end to advertising targeted at third-party applications running on iOS, something Apple seems to be preparing to do itself. An announcement which, if it comes to fruition, risks making Facebook and Google cringe, Apple’s two main adversaries in this fight for data protection.

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- Advertisement -Apple slips advertising into its App StoreApple slips advertising into its App Store

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- Advertisement -Apple slips advertising into its App StoreApple slips advertising into its App Store

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