Apple sued for screen stutter on iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6 avec Apple Pencil fixé sur la tranche du bas

Last September, Apple unveiled a new tablet, the iPad mini 6. Shortly after its launch, some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of the screen of their new tool.

According to them, the iPad mini 6 has a panel with the particularity of jerking the image when scrolling. We too noticed this lack of fluidity, to some extent, during our full test of the machine. Unlike others, this phenomenon did not bother us more than that. One can obviously think that it is about a inherent characteristic of the screen and its degree of quality. For example, we did not find jerks during identical manipulations with an iPad Pro 10.5 inches.

Apple also supported this idea a few months ago to calm the ardor of the most critical iPad mini 6 owners. According to the Californian firm, these jerks are totally normal.

Except that, and it was to be expected, the company will have to explain itself to justice now, since it is now targeted by a class action across the Atlantic, precisely about these screen jerks on the iPad mini 6.

In short, the complaint stipulates that this problem of fluidity, called “jelly scroll” in English, constitutes a manufacturing defect and renders the machine unusable. It is also mentioned of side effects in users, caused by this jelly scroll, such as nausea, vomiting and migraines…

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The class action, which can be joined by all iPad mini 6 owners who feel wronged, asks Apple to recognize a manufacturing defect and solve itwith payment in addition to damages to the victims.

Case to follow.

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