Apple sued over Apple Pay monopoly

Apple Pay

The apple brand is often singled out for its dominant position. If when we talk about this idea we think first of the App Store, Apple’s application download platform is not the only Apple system that is under fire from critics.

Indeed, a brand new legal action “a class action” in American terms has just been launched against Apple. In this new complaint, the law firms Hagens Berman and Sperling & Slater accuse Apple of not letting third-party payment systems develop on the iPhone.

Apple Pay must open up to competition like the App Store

Through this attack, the two law firms want Apple to open up to third-party solutions that already exist such as Samsung Pay or Google Pay. So many options that are available on Android products. In order to make competition fairer, this class action would like Samsung Pay and Google Pay to have the right to install themselves on the iPhone and offer their services.

As a reminder today, the NFC technologies that allow contactless payment from an iPhone or an Apple Watch are not open to other systems. Only Apple’s solution is accepted on Apple brand products. The latter not wanting to advertise to the competition.

This new class action follows on from the various attacks suffered by the apple brand in recent months. If the App Store has been at the heart of all discussions since the start of the trial with Epic Games, all of the Apple brand’s services are now targeted by antitrust laws, and the court decision rendered after the trial against Epic Games is pushing many companies to also launch lawsuits against the Apple brand.

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Hagens Berman: a law firm specializing in antitrust

Regarding the two law firms present in this case. The name Hagens Berman may not be foreign to you. Indeed, this is the third time that he has attacked the Cupertino company for non-compliance with antitrust laws. In 2015, the law firm had already succeeded in making pay 560 million dollars to Apple because of the fixing of the prices in iBook.

Since a second case arose between Apple and Hagens Berman, the firm has once again managed to prevail without even going to trial negotiating a check for $100 million, this time because of the 30% commission. that Apple takes on all in-app purchases.

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