Apple sues Rivos for tech theft

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Californian society fears for its secrets. And that’s normal, it has notably taken the lead over the competition in the field of SoCs with its Apple silicon processors for Mac. Its technologies therefore constitute a treasure of inestimable value. It does not seem surprising then that competing companies are trying to find out what is going on in the R&D laboratories in Cupertino.

And that’s what Rivos, a company based in Mountain View, California, would have tried to do. The firm at the apple affirms it in any case. She has indeed filed a lawsuit against Rivos, for theft of technological secretsas revealed by Reuters this week.

And precisely, we spoke of Apple silicon in the introduction of the article, Rivos would have precisely tried to recover information about the technologies which underlie the design of the CPUs signed Apple.

Do everything to recruit at Apple

No infiltrators in the offices of Apple. Rivos would have used a simple strategy to spy on Tim Cook’s company: try to recruit the brains who worked on the development of SoCs for Mac and iPhone.

On the Cupertino side, the accusations relate to the fact that Rivos would have asked certain employees to install encrypted communications applications, a condition considered essential to continue to exchange.

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On the subject of data theft, it would be a question of gigabytes of confidential files including information about the design of future Apple chips.

The Californian firm has every interest in ensuring that this affair makes a lot of noise and brings serious consequences for Rivos. The idea being to dissuade any competitor who would consider a theft of data.

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