Apple suppliers fear iPhone 14 will sell poorly

iPhone 14 concept

The iPhone 13 is perhaps the Apple brand’s best-selling phone in its history. If it had seemed quite unrevolutionary when it was released, which offers little new compared to the iPhone 12, it managed to convince an incredibly large audience.

The iPhone 14: Apple is heading straight for failure?

This recent growth of the Apple brand should reassure analysts and other members of the Apple supply chain. But while everyone should be smiling, a few (shy) voices are raised to express some fear a few days before the release of the iPhone 14.

On the side of Cupertino, all the analyzes see life in pink. The brand has never done so well and the iPhone 14 will be a new success for Apple. Sure of its future success, the company asked the supply chain to increase its production rate by 5%, thus reaching 95 million iPhones.

But according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the main reason for uncertainty and concern for the suppliers of the apple brand, it is precisely the policy of the latter. Indeed, Apple could choose to significantly increase the price of its devices in the coming weeks.

An iPhone 14 too expensive to please?

A price increase that inevitably suggests that the iPhone 14 could be shunned by some of Apple’s usual customers. In recent supply chain reports, another idea is starting to catch on. Indeed, the market experienced a sharp increase in activity in 2020 during the confinement and the pandemic.

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A complicated comeback for several brands, with mid-range firms being the most impacted by this return to normal. Consumers are no longer as capable of buying new devices. Either because they cannot afford it, because of inflation. Or else, and that’s what could happen to Apple this year, as customers don’t feel the need to buy a new device.

They then delay the deadline for economic issues, but also ecological ones, which begin to weigh more and more heavily in the thinking of consumers before going to checkout.

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