Apple iPhone Apple to dominate the 5G smartphone market in 2021?

Apple to dominate the 5G smartphone market in 2021?


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Apple is today one of the most powerful and influential smartphone manufacturers in the world. The apple brand has some dominance in the cellphone market, especially on premium models, which are its specialty. To see the success of the iPhone 12 Pro at the end of the year, this dominant trend for Apple does not seem ready to stop.

According to a TrendForce report, Apple will continue to dominate the smartphone market in 2021. Hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, which could yet reshuffle the cards in the months to come, the mobile phone industry is expected to slowly recover of this complicated year. According to TrendForce predictions, global production is expected to increase by 9% in the year 2021 to reach 1.36 billion devices produced.

On the Apple side, the rise should be even greater. Trendforce in fact forecasts a production of 229 million iPhones during this year 2021. This is 15% more than the 199 million produced in 2020. Information that has been confirmed by another report, coming from Nikkei Asia Review, also published in recent days.

The fall of Huawei

Also according to TrendForce, it is Huawei which should be the big loser of this year 2021. The manufacturer has found itself trapped in a major geopolitical conflict between Beijing and Washington, and the company should pay a heavy price. . Even if the election of Joe Biden is seen as a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel for Huawei executives.

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With 170 million phones produced in 2020, Huawei is now on the rise. But the embargo issued by President Trump, as well as the end of Google Services, halted Huawei’s growth. The Chinese firm is only expected to produce 45 million phones in 2021 according to TrendForce.

Apple still in the lead on 5G smartphones

As far as Apple is concerned, the year 2021 should be quite similar to 2020. According to their report, TrendForce claims that the Apple brand already has a 30% market share in 5G phones. A figure that could increase slightly in the future. in the coming months, reaching 35%.

Today globally, TrendForce estimates that 5G represents 19% of the global smartphone market. But here again, this figure is bound to change. It could even double over the next twelve months, reaching 37%. For good reason, the global arrival of 5G, the proliferation of antennas, and the implementation of suitable packages should make this market still booming. The document also notes that the companies responsible for producing 5G modems are expected to showcase their first entry-level and mid-range models, which should expand the market even further.

For TrendForce no doubt however. Apple will retain its dominant position during this year, and the iPhone 12 Pro will remain the benchmark for 5G smartphones, pending its successor, which came straight from Cupertino.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

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