Apple tops sales to end 2021

Quel iPhone acheter 2021 2022

As often when it comes to figures for the fourth quarter of the year, Apple is smiling. With the release of an iPhone every year in September for more than a decade now, the Cupertino company and its investors also know that Apple always ends calendar years well, a truth that is still true in 2021.

Indeed, the Apple brand has once again found itself at the top of the list of best-selling smartphones of the quarter. This year, the numbers have been even more to Apple’s advantage. According to Canalys data, iPhones accounted for nearly one in five sales in the last quarter.

While Samsung represents 20% of the market over the past three months, Apple steals the leadership for two small points (22%). According to the latest figures, the demand for the iPhone 13 has increased significantly in the last months of the year, while the phone has not been selling as well as expected so far.

Excellent figures in China, but still worse than 2020

For Sanyam Chaurasia, iPhone 13 sales have peaked, especially in mainland China. Also according to the analyst, Apple has failed to meet demand in some parts of the world, in particular because of the shortage of components that has affected the world of electronics for more than a year now. Result of this lack of stock, sales that could not be completed in time to be taken into account, and too long delivery times, which discourage customers.

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Despite the good results of Apple which remains above the lot for this end of the year, the figures can still be seen from another angle. Indeed Apple had a slightly larger market share in 2020 with 23% of sales compared to 22% this year.

Note also the good form of Samsung which goes from 17% in 2020 to more than 20% in 2021. This is the strongest growth recorded when we look at the five biggest sellers of the period.

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