Apple unveils its latest transparency report

Apple unveils its latest transparency report

Once locked, the data on your iPhone is in principle not accessible to anyone, apart from legal requests addressed to Apple, which can choose to follow up or not. The Cupertino company has just unveiled its latest semi-annual report on transparency which takes stock for the period from July to December 2020.

The apple brand announces that it has recorded an overall decline in data requests globally compared to the previous six months. Thus, the company indicates that it received a total of 25,784 requests for devices, against 28,276 over the previous period.

Declining figures for France

On the other hand, requests to keep accounts, which often emanate from the police, are slightly on the rise: 4,000 requests against only 3,751 previously. This makes a total of 7,751 requests in 2020.

Emergency requests for user data, which are only provided in tragic circumstances involving danger of death or physical injury, increased from 1,162 requests this semester to just 770 previously.

Overall, Germany is the largest data requester over the past period with 11,474 requests, which is by far the highest figure.

With regard to France, 689 requests were made to obtain data concerning stolen or lost devices on 3888 users. Apple responded to these requests 459 times. Globally, the apple brand has nevertheless received fewer requests in France than last year.

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You can find all of these figures in detail in Apple’s transparency report, available online. Information is given on a global level and country by country. If you are interested in the subject, you should also consult the results of the previous semester in our dedicated article.

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