Apple unveils its method to achieve carbon neutrality


Apple wants to be exemplary when it comes to climate change. Concretely, the tech giant has already achieved carbon neutrality with regard to its facilities and plans to do the same for all of its activity by 2030.

“Show other companies that carbon neutrality is possible”

Lisa Jackson, the environmental manager of the apple brand, returned to this file in the Jane Goodall Hopecast podcast. She notably explained how Apple was getting down to making this initiative happen. In detail, it specifies that the company buys carbon offsets in a relatively small proportion of what the company consumes. She specifies:

Apple is a carbon neutral company. We took that step last year, I’m happy to say that. About 80% of the energy we use is clean, which means most of the energy we need we have had to build on grids around the world. This clean energy, at nearly 80%, therefore represents new clean energy projects in which we have had to invest.

The apple brand now intends to serve as an example for other technology companies and in particular for its suppliers. Lisa Jackson explains on this subject: “ Apple has a role and a responsibility to play in showing other companies, “It is possible. This can be done in a way that is good for your bottom line. It can be done in a way that brings you more customers ”. “

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As a reminder, this is not the first time that the manager has insisted on the driving role that her company can have. Last July, on the occasion of the Austrian World Summit 2021, an event organized by the Arnold Schwarzenegger Foundation, she was already coming back to this point: “ To tackle the problem of global climate change, companies must show that climate neutrality is possible and work with governments to achieve systemic change.

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