Apple unveils new iPhone 12 Pro short film

JB Braud

Subtitle The Young Cinema, The painter is a short feature length film of less than a minute shot by French director Jean-Baptiste Braud. Available both on YouTube and on Apple’s official website, it was produced using the iPhone 12 Pro, a high-end smartphone launched by Apple at the end of 2020. Equipped with three back cameras and a LiDAR radar, the product is sold for 1,159 euros in France.

For a hundred euros more, it is also possible to afford its big brother: the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As its name suggests, this one has the difference of a more imposing screen, whose diagonal reaches 6.7 inches. Like its more affordable version, it is also capable of film in 4K definition and this up to sixty images per second for slow motion.

Some techniques

As is often the case with Shot on iPhone works such as The painter or the clip Stupid Love of Lady Gaga, the most interesting is actually behind the lens. In this case, in today’s video, framing and lighting were decisive elements in obtaining the desired result. The cameraman’s movements are also detailed in the official best of, to find below:

Fans of the seventh art can attend a virtual interview with Jean-Baptiste Braud at an event planned at the end of the month, February 28, what is more in the language of Molière. To register, go right here. The interview will last forty-five minutes and is stamped Today at Apple.

How to film with an iPhone?

If the adventure tempts you, know that achieving some performance on the iPhone is actually not that difficult. To achieve this, all you need to do is acquire an application dedicated to recording such as FiLMic Pro. Then, after several tests and cross-checks in order to isolate the best scenes, everything is decided during postproduction.

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Many then turn to software for Mac such as Premiere Pro CC (marketed by Adobe) or Final Cut Pro (Apple). Otherwise, the most novice can also opt for the easier to learn iMovie. The program, also developed in Cupertino, is installed automatically on macOS and is completely free.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB

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