Apple unveils two powerful chips

M1 vs M1 Pro vs M1 Max

Almost a year ago, Apple took advantage of its virtual fall event to unveil its first home type M1 chips. The keynote of this Monday evening was an opportunity for the Apple brand to present improved versions of the latter: the M1 Pro and M1 Max. They are offered with the new MacBook Pro unveiled at the same meeting. Both are built on a 5nm process.

The M1 Max can have 64 GB of RAM

The M1 Pro is clearly selling a dream and Apple promises 70% better CPU performance than the previous generation. In the same vein, graphics performance is twice as high as on the M1.

In detail, this processor has eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores, as well as a 16-core GPU with 2048 execution units. The chip also supports more RAM and can be configured up to 32GB, with a bandwidth of 200GB / s.

For its part, the M1 Max is not to be outdone and presents a higher power. It thus has a CPU with 10 performance cores and two efficiency cores like the M1 Pro. But it also has twice the memory bandwidth: up to 400 GB / s. Likewise, the RAM can reach 64 GB of memory, while the GPU with its 32 cores, 4096 execution units, has plenty to see.

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Best of all, this processor uses 70% less energy compared to a high performance PC. Clearly, the M1 Max delivers just as much performance but with 100 W less power.

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