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While the market share of its iPhone continues to climb in Europe, Apple has just shared a new video where you can discover the answer to several questions about migration from Android. Cupertino explains in particular that its employees are trained to recover your old mobile in order to to recycleeven if it was not designed by Apple.

About updates, Apple reassures by stating that each iPhone comes with the latest version of iOS if it is new. The iPhone 6s case, still compatible with iOS 15 and this even after six years of good and loyal service, is particularly taken as an example to show that the manufacturer supports its smartphones for a long time. However, this is no longer the case after a certain time, which the video is careful not to specify…

How to transfer all your data?

With this, Apple also evokes the case of the transfer of your key information such as contacts, images or even messages. To do this, there is a dedicated app available for free on the Google Play Store called Migrate to iOS and which you can find at this address. However, the platform is fairly poorly rated (3/5), so we advise you to first make a backup of your Android mobile, just in case.

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Note that when you switch to iOS, you will also be able to find a good number of apps common to Android such as Google Photos, Google Maps or even GMail and Google Drive. Apple, however, offers its own alternatives : Photos, Apple Maps, Mail and iCloud.

The case of confidentiality

Of course, an Apple video wouldn’t be one without the case of the protection of your personal data not be mentioned. The Californian company therefore recalls that its iPhones not only defend your emails with Mail, but also all of the statistics collected by publishers by blocking inter-application tracking on demand.

Finally, it is the question of support which closes the advice of Apple (in English), whose Apple Stores act as a gateway to any repair of your equipment still under warranty.

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