Apple wants to make the tables of its Apple Stores even more secure

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Since the launch of the first physical Apple Stores, the big plus of Apple stores has always been the customer experience. Only in an Apple Store is it possible to try an Apple Watch, pick up a MacBook or test an iPad without having to let it stick to its stand. But this great freedom left to the customer at a price, that of theft. They have become more and more recurring in Apple brand stores, and it’s an issue Apple takes very seriously. Often very simple, these have made the Apple Store a preferential target for thieves of all kinds who do not hesitate to steal an iPhone or an iPad, before fleeing as quickly as possible.

Avoid theft without reducing the user experience

In recent years, the issue of the safety of Apple products within the Cupertino brand signs has been a subject of debate. No one seems to want to reduce the user experience in these stores, but everyone in the Cupertino company wants the flights to stop as soon as possible.

In this sense, the US patent authority has just published a new idea from Apple. In this patent, the Apple brand indeed thinks of completely redoing the tables of its Apple Stores to offer more effective fastening systems. The whole problem lies in the trade-off between the most natural user experience possible, and a level of security that prevents theft.

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This new system should therefore have the advantage of not reducing the user experience. It would indeed be possible to lift phones, smartwatches, tablets and other computers several centimeters above their support. Something that is no longer possible in most third party stores. If the system is not presented as foolproof, it is impossible to remove a product from the table without triggering an alarm.

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Two other patents that also dealt with this new Apple Store table project were issued by Apple, but the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in charge of these patents, has not made them public.

Apple wants to make the tables of its Apple Stores even more secure

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