Apple wants to make your keyboard a full-fledged computer

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro

A few years ago Apple released the Magic Keyboard, a “magical” keyboard as its name suggests, which can be used today on Mac, although its most common function is with an iPad. But according to a recent patent published by the Apple brand and found by Patently Apple, the Cupertino company does not want to stop there.

Apple wants to do the opposite of the iMac

Indeed, the brand would be working to make Apple’s keyboards autonomous, with a computer inside. The firm has already made the move several years ago with screens, by offering the iMac, a real high-powered screen-computer, while the competition was still on the “tower-screen-keyboard” model.

Finally, Apple could try to fit the equivalent of a Mac Mini M1 under a keyboard, in order to be able to transport its computer everywhere. If the look of this product remains to be defined, it is obvious that the uses could be numerous. According to the patent filed by Apple “the strong demand for portable devices that offer high performance” led the brand to think “about miniaturizing and reducing the size of the once bulky computer components used to power and drive the devices”.

A MacKeyboard?

According to the patent it would thus be possible to put your keyboard in front of the first screen available to us and use it as a desk. It remains to be seen how the brand will succeed in selling the idea of ​​walking down the street with a keyboard in hand, rather than a MacBook which already includes the keyboard-mouse-screen trio.

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For the moment this patent is the only information we have about a possible Apple MacKeyboard and the Cupertino company could very well abandon the development of this idea in the coming months, without it giving us much more information.

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