Apple wants to review the judgment of its lawsuit with Epic Games

Icône App Store et indication 5G sur écran d'iPhone

Apple just released the final documents needed to launch an appeal against Epic Games this weekend. The latter should therefore take place in the coming weeks. As a reminder, Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal battle since mid-2020.

At that time, Epic Games, video game studio, and owner of the Fortnite phenomenon, decided to free itself from certain rules of the App Store, bypassing Apple’s commission on in-app purchases. A gesture prohibited by the regulations of the App Store and which will lead a few hours later to the pure and simple deletion of the application.

Apple vs Epic Games: a trial that gets bogged down

A reaction of the brand to the apple that was expected. As soon as the application is deleted, Epic Games decides to file a complaint against the Cupertino company for abuse of a dominant position. If a first colorful trial has already occupied the year 2021, 2022 should be the 2nd part of this legal thriller.

If the first court decision did indeed condemn Apple to change its practices, it also recognized Epic Games responsible for certain wrongs, and this verdict therefore did not satisfy anyone. Since the two companies are preparing their case to appeal, the two companies having opposing interests to defend.

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On the side of Epic Games, we focus the defense on the protection of small developers. The brand positions itself almost as a “whistleblower” in the face of Apple’s decisions. According to Epic Games, Apple is abusing the omnipotence of its App Store, and its unchallenged reign must end.

On the side of Apple, the arguments are simple. The apple brand commits a lot of funds to ensure the safety of users, especially in the downloading of applications. This security has a price and Apple has found the right compromise (according to him) with this commission taken from developers.

Apple: alone against all

In new documents brought into the lawsuit by Apple this weekend, the Apple brand continues to plead its innocence and asks that the mandatory changes within the App Store be removed. The apple brand, however, seems very alone against the wall.

In South Korea, state justice has already decided the issue and Apple has let developers override the commission system. This same court decision could be taken by the European Commission in the coming months. The lawsuit with Epic Games is for the moment only the tree that hides the forest.

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