Apple warns of dangers of MagSafe

coque iPhone 12/12 Pro et MagSafe

At the end of last week, Apple made some new features and changes to its information document relating to MagSafe. Apple’s wireless charger made a comeback last fall with the launch of the iPhone 12. But what the charging base’s biggest weapon could also be its Achilles heel. Indeed, the powerful magnets, present around the charger and which allow maximum connectivity between the phone and the charging base, pose several problems.

The interference that these generate can affect the proper functioning of medical devices such as pacemakers and other cardiac defibrillators. Several studies have shown in recent weeks that MagSAfe, like the magnets on the back of iPhone 12s, can cause damage to people with a medical implant.

Fifteen centimeters to avoid any problem

In order to reduce the risk of malfunction, Apple recommends keeping your phone six inches (15 cm) away from your medical implant. This safety distance can be doubled when the phone is on its MagSafe charging base, with electromagnetic interference being much more frequent when the phone is charging.

It is therefore strongly recommended not to put your phone in your shirt pockets, at chest level for people with a Pacemaker. The latter could be disturbed by the phone and not working at the desired time.

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For users without any health concerns that required implant placement, the MagSafe, like the iPhone 12, has no impact. The magnets on the phone do not interfere with the body itself, but with devices such as defibrillators which are objects that are very sensitive to electromagnetic changes. It is therefore recommended that people wearing a Pacemaker keep a safe distance (a few mothers) from electrical transformers.

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