Apple Watch could detect COVID-19 a week early


According to American researchers, Apple’s connected watch is capable of alerting to a potential infection in the coronavirus which continues to prevail at this time. Indeed, thanks to its heart rate sensor, the wearable could detect anomalies indicating contagion. Following an alert sent to the wearer, he would then be able to isolate himself if necessary.

It was students from the University of California, in collaboration with the Mount Sinai Health System in New York, who were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of such a system when Wuhan disease has already caused death. nearly two million people.

The blood oxygen sensor too

In addition to the heart rate monitor, the latest Apple Watch Series 6 released at the end of last year also embeds a chip capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. For its part, it could also help detect COVID-19 by spotting a “silent hypoxia”Preceding the most prominent symptoms.

Resumed by CBS, the news remains however to this day of the order of the discovery. Thus, we are still far from a hypothetical native functionality to detect coronavirus on the wrist. But this scientific advance is encouraging and strengthens the status of the Watch as a device medical.


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