Apple Watch ECG soon available up to 150 BPM

Apple Watch ECG

The Apple Watch will soon be able to measure atrial fibrillation with its ECG (electrocardiogram) function up to 150 beats per minute, compared to 120 today. A significant plus for athletes who will no longer have to wait for their heart rate to drop to take an ECG with their connected watch.

Apple introduced this new feature with the release of the Apple Watch Series 4. It allows in about thirty seconds to perform an ECG, a cardiac examination usually performed by hospitals, the only ones with the necessary equipment.

But if today the Apple watch allows this examination to be carried out at any time, there are still a few conditions. Indeed, it is impossible for the Apple Watch to give “conclusive” results if the user’s heart rate is less than 50 BPM, or greater than 120 beats. Which can cause problems in some cases. Taking medications in particular can affect a person’s heart rate, which can drop below 50 BPM, or exceed 120, which is more common.

To overcome this problem, Apple had, in August, made a request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change its application of ECG. Today we learned that these changes had been accepted, according to information from “MyHealthApple”. They should come into effect in the WatchOS 7.2 update, released yesterday.

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Unfortunately, it is possible that these changes will not affect all countries in the coming days. Indeed, the modifications requested from the FDA, concern only the American market, which will be the first, and perhaps the only one, to see the possibilities of its ECG change. No testimony indeed reports any developments in this direction on European soil for the moment.

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