Apple Watch saved 25-year-old’s life

Où acheter Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch informed me that something was up, and that I had to go and get help to see what was wrong. Zachary Zies, 25 and just graduating from Ohio State University, owes a lot to the Apple smartwatch.

Valuable health features

The device thus spotted a resting heart rate of 210 beats per minute, a level far too high, suggesting that he go for a consultation to find out more. Verification done, it was an atrial flutter. The young man then underwent an emergency operation. He now considers himself cured and has returned to a normal heart rate.

Zachary Zies is not the first to benefit from the contributions of the Apple Watch in terms of heart health. Many features that allow you to spot anomalies have indeed proven to be very useful in the past.

To name just a few recent examples, the Apple Watch alerted an American YouTuber to a potential heart disorder. He was suffering from tachycardia. The watch also saved the life of an Australian user affected by epileptic seizures. During the latter, she sometimes fell and became unconscious. The device spotted one of his falls and automatically contacted emergency services.

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