Apple Watch Apple Watch saves life of cyclist in England

Apple Watch saves life of cyclist in England


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There are dozens of stories about people who have come close to a drama that their Apple Watch has been able to avoid. The number of people that the watch warns of at the first sign of heart failure, a drop in blood pressure or other health problems that only medical examinations could have detected can no longer be counted.

But more simply, having an Apple Watch allows an isolated and in danger person to call very quickly for help or relatives. This is what happened to an English cyclist a few days ago. The latter was caught up in the strong innovations that hit the country and, as he rolled along a river, the level of the latter quickly rose before winning.

As the man was jostled for more than a mile by the current, he finally managed to grab onto a branch and stop his mad descent into the riverbed.

While remaining firmly attached to his tree, the English cyclist managed to contact the emergency services using his Apple Watch. The latter was then located by the team that went in search of it, and this is how the man returned home safe and sound.

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According to Mr Bailey, in charge of coordinating the rescue the man would have spent about twenty minutes hanging on the branch, while the current surged on him. “It’s very astonishing that he did not lose hold to be honest,” admitted even the man who started the rescue.

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The unusual stories around the Apple Watch have become commonplace, but show the strength of the Apple Watch which knows how to respond to very specific and urgent needs in situations where human lives are at stake.

In this case again, the presence of the Apple watch has given a happy ending to this story.

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- Advertisement -Apple Watch saves life of cyclist in EnglandApple Watch saves life of cyclist in England

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- Advertisement -Apple Watch saves life of cyclist in EnglandApple Watch saves life of cyclist in England

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