Apple Watch Series 8 vs. poor power supply: game


According to figures from the WHO *, approximately two billion adults were overweight in 2014. A figure which still represents nearly four in ten adults, including six hundred million obese and a growing number of children. A real scourge that costs the health system large sums of money each year, the fault of many factors such as “junk food” or the advent of digital technology.

This is precisely where one of the solutions to this global problem could be found. Indeed, DigiTimes would have a reliable source that Apple and its subcontractors are working on an infrared sensor whose objective would be to measure the level of glucose in the blood. A piece to then be integrated into a future wearable, probably the Series 8.

What uses?

Glucometry is a key data in certain medical examinations, especially those related to type 2 diabetes. Thanks to it, we can for example identify unhealthy behaviors such as sedentary lifestyle (lack of physical activity) or eating too much food. rich in saturated fatty acids. Two significant vectors of obesity, pointed out by doctors and already covered by a plethora of enlightened documentaries intended for the general public.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is already capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood and the rate of the heartbeat. The accessory can also record EKGs. With all these advantages, we can then imagine that notifications would be sent to overweight people when they have consumed too much sugar or that their total volume to vascularize is too high.

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See you in a year

It is obviously still impossible to verify these rumors at the moment: the Series 7 was released just a few weeks ago. The successor model should arrive in September 2022, however, if Apple relies on its usual release schedule. We could then discover an even more powerful device, with the addition of a thermometer under the hood.

How much would you be willing to pay to afford such a gadget? Do you know of members of your entourage who could greatly benefit from it?

*world Health Organization

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