Apple Watch’s prowess with the ECG app

Apple Watch S6

In the United States, Apple broadcasts numerous television spots on national channels. One of them was notably spotted by the site Adage, specializing in sharing this kind of content. Broadcast on NFL Football and FOX channels, it would have reached more than 93 million viewers, more than a quarter of its targets across the Atlantic.

To be entitled to it, Cupertino would have spent no less than 4.7 million of dollars. To watch the spot in question, meet right here. You will find in particular the latest Series 6 edition (our complete technical sheet). This is sold for 429 euros in France, also with a heart rate sensor under the chassis.

The ECG, for what uses?

Theelectrocardiogram, highlighted here, graphically represents the electrical activity of the heart. Privileged by medicine for many years, the corresponding examination takes only a few minutes or even a few seconds with a Watch. It also has the advantage of being completely painless and non-invasive, which makes it accessible to the majority of the population.

His goal ? Among other things, monitoring the cardiocirculatory system with precision at a lower cost. Thanks to the results of the ECG, one can even detect potential atrial fibrillations and prevent heart attack myocardium, which can be fatal in the most vulnerable patients.

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