Apple will fix Bluetooth issues on its M1 Macs

MacBook Air M1

For a few months now, the Mac M1 have been available for apple customers. The new computers, present through three models, two MacBooks (Air and Pro) as well as a Mac mini take with them a new revolutionary processor, which made all their interest.

But since their release, the models suffered from several software problems, especially around their Bluetooth connection. These should be settled very soon, indeed according to information from Ian Bogost, one of the authors of the site. The Atlantic Writer, announced in a tweet that Apple had personally informed him that the Bluetooth issues were going to undergo a major software fix, in order to fix once and for all this problem plaguing the use of these new computers.

This concern for connection could be characterized in several ways. The first, also the most common, was frequent disconnections, without having real reasons. Other users of new computers have had the saddest experience of not being able to connect any third-party device to their computer with Bluetooth, a rarer case, but which can be very disabling in the daily use of computers. ‘Apple. Today, many third-party accessories use Bluetooth to connect to the computer (mouse, keyboard, headphones, headsets, etc.).

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For its part, Apple has not, for the moment, indicated if this problem will be solved with the next update of macOS Big on (11.2), a beta version having already been released, it does not present any Bluetooth patch, which suggests that we will have to wait longer to see this problem be solved for good by Apple.

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