Apple will have to change the design of the iPhone because of Europe

iPhone USB-C

The debate was launched more than two years ago, but now the European Union has just put an end to it. Apple will have to switch from its faithful Lightning port, present for more than 10 years at the bottom of the phone, to USB-C, at least in Europe. Indeed, the European directive has just been passed and in the fall of 2024, all new smartphones that want to be sold in Europe will have to have a USB-C charging port.

So goodbye to the famous “technological innovation” as Apple has defended itself for years. With a billion Lightning cables present in the world, these will therefore go to the trash from 2024, unless Apple offers a workaround to all new European laws.

Apple still has a solution to escape USB-C

Indeed, the only solution for the Cupertino company today (there are actually two) would be to offer an iPhone (15 suddenly in 2024) without any port, using only a wireless charging solution. . What considerably complicated the transfer of data between devices.

With the arrival of MagSafe with the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has prepared its public for the advent of wireless, despite the fact that the latter raises a lot of questions, especially ecological ones. With the whole world recharging its iPhone wirelessly, the electrical losses of this new charger would be, on a world scale, golossal.

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A switch to USB-C for the planet?

As the world tries to reduce its energy consumption, with the common goal of saving the planet, the world of tech news (and headlining Apple) could therefore take a big step backwards, by adopting a solution such as wireless, which is, de facto bad news for the planet.

Yet Europe’s idea of ​​forcing Apple to use a charging standard for its iPhones didn’t seem silly in the country. The same charger for everyone would have considerably reduced the number of these wires produced each year, which would have a beneficial impact on the planet. Everything will therefore depend on Apple’s choice to offer an iPhone with USB-C, or with MagSafe as the only charging solution.

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