Apple will notify customers if the camera is not genuine

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The new version of the beta of iOS 14.4 is definitely full of surprises. While we have already told you about Apple’s desire to end the use of iOS applications on Macs equipped with Apple Silicon technology, the apple brand seems to have hidden other information within the lines. of its beta codes.

Regarding this new find, it is Steve Moser who is at the origin, and who reported it on the MacRumors forum. He found in the code of this beta information about a warning message that requested to be displayed on iPhones when they have a camera that has been repaired or replaced by third party parts. This message would essentially serve as information for the owner of the phone, but should not have any impact on the performance of the latter, including the performance of his camera.

Already present for iPhone screens and batteries

This kind of warning message already exists for screens or batteries that have been replaced by parts that do not come from factories approved by Apple. Usually the latter appears as a notification on the home screen for a short time before disappearing, it could, according to the code discovered by Steve Moser, also appear as a notification within the “Settings” application of the iPhone.

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According to iFixit tests, a camera repair that has not been carried out following Apple’s documentation could lead to more or less short-term malfunctions, or even a software inability to use the camera. . Some experiences of cameras “blocked” by Apple have already appeared on forums, even if these remain very rare and it is still difficult to directly incriminate Apple. The quality of the replacement parts usually explains the damage to the phone.

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