Apple will produce its own 5G modem and that changes everything

iPhone 12 Pro 5G

Since 2010 and a court ruling that didn’t help anyone, Apple and Qualcomm had reached an agreement. The second reproached the first at the time for using technologies which he owned. The solution found by Apple to avoid the court? Make Qualcomm its supplier. A paying choice since Qualcomm has withdrawn its complaints, the chipmaker and other 5G modem has just signed a very large contract.

But like Apple’s partnership with Intel, all good things come to an end, and as early as 2020 there were already rumors of a 5G modem designed and built by Apple, which would like to get rid of Qualcomm fairly quickly. Two years later, the time seems to have come for Apple, the Cupertino company may indeed offer its own 5G modem within its future iPhone 14.

Apple doesn’t want to need anyone to make an iPhone

An announcement not really surprising when you know Apple’s “all home” policy in recent years. But then, what could change with a 5G modem signed Apple, and not Qualcomm? Well to be honest, we don’t know.

But to see the sensational arrival of Apple in the computer chip market with the M1 at the end of 2020 or the very recent M1 ultra chip, which makes the Mac Studio, the computer that owns it , the most powerful Apple product in history; simply.

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If Apple therefore feels ready to enter the 5G modem market, it is because the Apple brand is more than ready and knows it is capable of competing with the competition, or even surpassing it. On the Qualcomm side, we seem satisfied with the operation, which brought in money, but also credibility.

Qualcomm remains in the fold of Apple

The company is one of the few firms that have “worked with Apple” an argument that still has its effect during trade negotiations. The financial director of the San Diego firm has also announced that he expects to produce nearly 20% of the 5G modems present in iPhones in 2023.

Qualcomm should therefore not end its idyll with Apple any time soon, the company remaining a partner of Apple as long as the latter markets third-generation iPhone 12.13 or SE, all equipped with a modem manufactured by the Californian neighbor.

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