Technology Apple Apple will reward its executives based on environmental performance

Apple will reward its executives based on environmental performance


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Apple has always shown a good example in terms of ecology. Each year, the firm announces new concrete actions for the planet or for the climate.

While in its commercial activities, Apple is already carbon neutral, it announced in July a new target. By 2030, the Cupertino company will need to be completely carbon neutral, even when taking into account its suppliers and supply chain.

Otherwise, in September, Apple received several awards for its commitment to renewable energy. And Tim Cook was one of the speakers for the UN climate summit.

A new element taken into account in the distribution of bonuses for managers

This week, Apple released its proxy circular, a document released every year before the investor meeting. And if this document is not really addressed to the general public, it nevertheless allows us to get an idea of ​​the way in which the Cupertino company is managed.

For example, this document tells us that Apple takes antitrust threats very seriously. Otherwise, with regard to the environment, the company will integrate new criteria taking this element into account for the rewards of its managers.

Here is what we can read, on a page of the flyer: “Starting in 2021, an environmental, social and governance modifier based on Apple’s values ​​and other key community initiatives will be incorporated into our annual cash incentive program. This change will further motivate Apple’s management team to meet exceptionally high standards of values-driven leadership, in addition to delivering strong financial results. “

In other words, the bonuses of Apple executives will not only take into account financial performance, but also respect for certain values. And respect for the environment is one of them.

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If not, by removing the charger from its packaging, has Apple shown the example?

In the last quarter of 2020, Apple made a lot of noise when, during the keynote of the iPhone 12, it announced that it will no longer include a charger or headphones (except in France, for headphones) in the packaging of its products. The firm believes that its customers already have chargers that were delivered with their previous devices and that the fact of no longer including this accessory in the new packaging will reduce the amount of electronic waste generated.

At first, Apple was mocked by its competitors. But little by little, they may well follow suit.

For example, during the presentation of the Mi 11 in China, Xiaomi has ad an initiative similar to that of the Cupertino company. The Chinese brand may have even improved the process since in the Middle Kingdom, it will sell a version without a charger (for those who no longer need it), and a “bundle” version which will include the accessory. And the price will be the same.

Samsung, which had also mocked Apple, could do the same. Indeed, the Korean giant has already withdrawn the Facebook publication which made fun of the absence of a charger in the packaging of the iPhone 12. And currently, rumors suggest that the Galaxy S21 could well be delivered without its charger.

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- Advertisement -Apple will reward its executives based on environmental performanceApple will reward its executives based on environmental performance

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- Advertisement -Apple will reward its executives based on environmental performanceApple will reward its executives based on environmental performance

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