Apple would have saved billions of euros thanks to its ecological gesture

iPhone 12

In 2020, during the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple created a surprise by announcing that it will no longer deliver its products with the charger case and the headphones. The firm, which had removed the jack a few years earlier, had explained that it is a gesture for the environment.

The idea is that instead of providing users with a new device, they could continue to use the ones they already have at home, in order to conserve resources while reducing the amount of electronic waste. During its 2020 keynote, the firm indicated that its users already have more than 700 million headphones (as more and more people turn to wireless headphones), as well as more than 2 billion adapters.

This measure, according to the firm, reduces carbon emissions by 2 million tonnes per year, the equivalent of removing 500,000 vehicles from circulation.

Apple’s arguments regarding the impact of these measures are still debated. But in any case, these also allowed the company to earn more money.

Apple would have made big savings

And in an article published recently, the Daily Mail explains that the firm may have already saved more than 5 billion pounds, or nearly 6 billion euros. How was this calculation made?

In essence, the UK outlet is based on estimates that Apple saved £27 per iPhone by not including the charger or headphones. Then, that was multiplied by 190 million, because that’s the number of iPhones that Apple would have sold since it decided to no longer include these accessories in the box.

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Of course, these are only estimates. And we can bet that Apple will never reveal how much it has really gained thanks to the removal of the charger and the headphones from the packaging of its smartphones.

Remember that in France, Apple was quad even obliged to deliver its devices with headphones, under a rule aimed at limiting the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications. But the law was modified end of 2021. And today, Apple is no longer obliged to deliver headphones with smartphones sold in France.

Note that if at first, Apple was mocked by its competitors, today, these fit together step by step.

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