Apple would no longer be interested in fingerprint readers under the screen

Face ID

While other Android smartphone makers still use in-screen fingerprint scanners, Apple’s flagships use something else: Face ID facial recognition.

During the health crisis, this choice of Apple was called into question. Indeed, since the mask was compulsory almost everywhere, except at home, iPhone users had difficulty unlocking their screens.

And many rumors have circulated about the development by the Cupertino company of a new biometric sensor which, as on Android smartphones, would use fingerprints, and would be hidden under the screen.

Finally, no Touch ID integrated into the screen?

In an article published a few days ago, our colleagues from corroborate other media which had indicated that Apple had finally decided to keep facial recognition. According to this site, the engineers of the firm would no longer work on a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen. In January, Apple would have directed its resources dedicated to the development of Touch ID to Face ID.

Why ? Simply because Apple ended up fixing the Face ID problem that was caused by the mask. Indeed, with the iOS 15.4 update to its operating system, Apple is modifying the Face ID algorithm so that facial recognition can be used even when the user is wearing a mask.

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Since Face ID finally works with masks, Apple would have decided to keep this technology

In essence, when set to work with the mask, Face ID is programmed to only use the upper part of the face, the part that is not covered. And as a result, Apple would no longer need to develop an Android-style Touch ID integrated into the screen.

Besides, believes that instead of developing this fingerprint scanner, Apple should improve Face ID instead. And the next step would be the development of a facial recognition sensor that would be hidden under the screen.

The site also indicates that this technology could have been used by theiPhone 13 Pro. But Apple would have finally postponed the use of it for a few years in order to refine it.

As a reminder, currently there are already a few smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung, which have sensors hidden under the screen. But as it stands, the technology would not yet meet Apple’s very demanding standards.

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