Apple would prepare a new computer. And he would be mighty


According to information obtained by our colleagues from 9to5Mac, Apple would have in its boxes a new machine. With this one, it would fill the gap in its range of fixed Macs, left between the Mac Pro and the Mac mini. This rumor corroborates old rumors that already mentioned the existence of a lighter Mac Pro project.

It would have the code name, internally, J375. It would seem that its designation for the general public is as follows: mac studio.

We then imagine this machine as a clever mix of characteristics of the Mac Pro, with a certain flexibility in terms of changing components, and of the Mac mini, appreciated for its format… mini!

This Mac Studio would obviously be equipped with a chip Apple silicon. The reference of the integrated SoC will obviously depend on the output window of the beast. According to the source, two versions of the Mac Studio are currently in development, one with M1 Max chip, the other with next-generation Apple silicon chip (M2 Max?).

To support all this, another recent rumor has been added to the file, that of a new screen. Apple would indeed prepare in its laboratories an external display of 7K resolution, with a name already found: Apple StudioDisplay.

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It would make sense for this external display and the new Mac Studio to be presented together, to offer a “Studio” workstation worthy of the name.

Still, the output of the duo is currently unknown. It could be done in the coming months, possibly before the end of 2022. According to analysts familiar with the matter, the release of the Mac studio would allow Apple to keep users, and in particular the pro public, waiting until a refresh of the Mac Pro and its expected move to the Apple silicon platform.

We imagine, for our part, the Mac Studio and its screen to be presented at the next WWDC, for a release in the fall.

We would be surprised to hear about it next Tuesday. Even if the conference is called “Peek performance” (= look at high performance), it should focus on new iPhone SE and iPad Air.

Would you be interested in a Mac computer between Mac mini and Mac Pro?

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