Apple would work on a connected doorbell and a drone


Over the years, Apple has broadened its horizons and entered new markets where we did not necessarily expect it. According to rumors reported by the site idropnews, the Cupertino company would be working on a connected doorbell, a surveillance camera, and even a drone.

Regarding the doorbell, our colleagues recall that the Apple brand currently markets devices produced by third parties and it could have its own device in the future. It would be marketed in addition to AR / VR products with “touch devices”.

Apple has filed patents related to drones in the past

The security camera project would have started a long time ago. In line with what Google is doing with Nest, Apple would like to have its own tool. But while Amazon and Google devices are sometimes singled out in terms of confidentiality, the Cupertino company would like to appear as a champion of privacy protection.

Idropnews also imagines that the facial recognition technologies available to the tech giant could allow users to receive notifications when a person is in their garden.

Finally, Apple was working on the creation of a drone. Our colleagues imagine that it would bring features such as LiDAR and other improvements around the camera. A fairly extensive complementarity with the iPhone or the iPad can also be considered. However, we would be very far from commercialization, while the apple brand still files patents related to drones.

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As a reminder, we were just talking to you last January about this patent which unveils a modem concept for a drone, the objective of which is to better equip the device in the event of network saturation. We know that the coverage is not always sufficient, particularly because of the proliferation of connected objects in individuals.

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