Apple iPhone Apple would work on an external battery compatible with...

Apple would work on an external battery compatible with MagSafe


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Steve Moser, one of the site’s most important contributors Macrumors showed in a tweet several lines of code about a new mode of “mobile recharge”. They made their appearance with the release of the second version of the beta of iOS 14.5. This code suggests that Apple is working on a new accessory for iPhone 12 that could take advantage of the new MagSafe wireless charging protocol.

The new feature refers to a “battery pack” which some claim is a new device compatible with the MagSafe magnet on the back of the iPhone 12. Moser noticed in the code that this “battery pack”, as it’s called, would continually keep the iPhone 90% charged for “improved charging efficiency” and thus “maximize battery life,” in Apple’s own words. within its code.

While waiting for Apple’s solution, there are already several third-party versions of these wireless chargers. As for Apple analysts, they remain fairly cautious about this new device. Wireless charging is still far from gaining unanimity among the general public and its slowness (due to heat loss) remains an enormous obstacle to the deployment in large numbers of solutions of this kind.

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Wireless charging: the solution of tomorrow?

While it is clear that Apple’s policy is leading us towards a portless iPhone using wireless charging as the sole charging solution (thus settling the issue of USB-C or Lightning ports), the latter is not yet likely to see the day.

Indeed if the technologies of Apple may seem sufficient, the general public is not ready for the removal of a wired charging port and this decision could lead many users to leave the Cupertino company for other manufacturers. Apple must find the right moment to take the plunge, in order to avoid a new controversy, as was the case with the release of the iPhone 7, the first Apple model to no longer have a jack port. Although this change was eventually accepted by users very quickly, it caused a lot of ink to flow when it hit the market.



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- Advertisement -Apple would work on an external battery compatible with MagSafeApple would work on an external battery compatible with MagSafe

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- Advertisement -Apple would work on an external battery compatible with MagSafeApple would work on an external battery compatible with MagSafe

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