Apple would work well on a foldable iPhone

iPhone 12 pliable concept

For several years now, the idea of ​​seeing the arrival of foldable iPhone has been mentioned by many observers. Apple has never confirmed this information, but certain elements suggest that the Cupertino company is studying this possibility. Thus, in October, we mentioned for example this patent filing by the apple brand. It provides a smartphone whose screen is able to bend, while “healing” wear.

Apple in the footsteps of Huawei, Motorala and Samsung?

According to an article by Bloomberg released last Friday, Apple would have started working on an iPhone with a foldable screen. Prototypes have been developed internally to allow testing but for the time being, it has not materialized beyond the screens and no complete model has been produced in the laboratories of the Cupertino company.

The US media reports discussions about a foldable device the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If this were confirmed, Apple would join its competitors like Motorala, Huawei, or even Samsung with its Galaxy Fold. This would be a radical change for the company but there is no guarantee for the moment that it will go to the end.

For the rest, Bloomberg believes that the year 2021 should be rather calm in terms of innovations for the iPhone after the year 2020 marked by the arrival of 5G compatible phones. Covid-19 has been there as well, and it has somewhat held back product development and research within the company.

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